You can discover what Kindergarten parents just like you already know. That a Great Hearts Anthem education is not just a safe, educational and fun learning environment, but it will establish your child in a life-long pursuit of what truly matters.

great hearts kindergartner boyWelcome to Kindergarten at Great Hearts!

At Great Hearts Anthem, your Kinder student will be enrolled in a revolutionary public elementary school that is committed to building your child’s heart and mind.


great hearts kindergartner boyKindergarten in Action

While students will learn at different paces, we believe that true education is a matter of development over time and within a stable community. At Great Hearts Anthem we give our students individualized attention, but always within a common, one-track curriculum.

Your Kinder student will begin their educational journey with the end in mind: the building of a great heart.


great hearts kindergartnerOur Movers and Shakers

Parents, don’t worry. Our kindergartners thrive with the expectations at Great Hearts. A few modifications are built into their school day to allow for their developmental stage.


Shaping Hearts with Nurture and Lovegreat hearts kindergartner and teacher

A question often asked is, “Will my child feel loved and nurtured at Great Hearts?” It’s a fair question. With the academic rigor, traditional uniforms, and high expectations that are attributed to a Great Hearts education, some parents fear their children will experience a strict and cold environment. This could not be further from the heart, soul, and philosophy that you will find here.


great hearts kindergartnerTaking the Sting out of the First Day of Kinder

Kindergarten students thrive with the new environments, new friends and new routines that they encounter at school.


Transformative Teachersgreat hearts kindergartner and teacher

Every great teacher is a student at heart. They are men and women of curiosity and imagination. Teachers have a deep capacity for empathy and wonder, and an ability to be moved greatly by others and the surrounding world. This is beautifully illustrated in our Kinder teachers, whose love of enlightening young minds and hearts is only surpassed by love for their students.